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Wellbeing pillar I


You need just 5-10 a day to discover your wellbeing pillar - Values. 

Here's your opportunity to discover your real personal brand: who you are, and what you stand for. Understanding what’s important for you is reinforced daily by making decision-making, taking actions, communicating with others, and behaving in a way that aligns with your values.

Guidance to navigate the Values Toolkit.

Use the Japanese Kaizen philosophy based on taking small steps to achieve your goal and you will start to feel small shifts in your outlook and mood. You need just 5-10 minutes to listen to a meditation, watch the videos and learn about the Science Behind. Along with a one-off 60 minutes for the Worksheet - in total, it's less than 1% of your day!


  • Listen: For 5 minutes every morning, listen to the Values Mantra Meditation and set up your mode for the day. Build a consistent mindfulness practice to strengthen your mindset resilience and sharpen your focus. Did you know that the brain regions associated with mind wandering are less active in people who are experienced mindfulness meditators? Support your practice with my meditations on spotify or apple.

  • Watch: Watch all three videos and use Part 3 to analyse whether you're acting and behaving in a way that's aligned to your values. Give yourself 5 minutes at the end of the day. Did you know about the 2-day habit rule? Try to do this at least every 2 days, if every day feels too much. 

  • Act: Discover your values with the interactive The Values Cards exercise - applying this to just work or personal, or both. With your -C-ircle or on your own, spend about 60 minutes completing the exercise.

  • Learn: A one-off read to understand the science behind how values drive your behaviour and actions.

  • Nourish: A recipe to support your brain and body functioning, a positive mood and better sleep.

Your toolkit



Gain insight of yourself with wellbeing surveys.




Take action with downloadable    worksheets.




Support your brain with mindfulness audios.




Read the science behind why it's important for you.




Learn easy life hacks with quick video exercises.




Discover recipes to support brain health and body function.

Take part

See the results yourself

The Values Survey

The Values Survey is an opportunity to assess where you´re currently at with this wellbeing pillar, as well as the chance to see where your results fit within the rest of the community. Take the survey now and see the results for yourself!


Mindfulness audio:

Values Mantra Meditation

Set up your morning routine and daily mode with a practice to embody your values. Wake up every day and live a life that aligns to what’s important to you and allows you to just be the real you.  

Meditate at the beach


Learn something new:

The Daily Values Filter

Living a genuine and fulfiling life means aligning your decisions, actions and behaviours to your core values in all aspects of your life - on a daily basis.

Apply your Daily Values Filter to see if you're living the life you want.


Expand your self-development:


The Values Cards exercise

Complete this exercise to

define your personal brand -

who you are; what you stand for; what's important for you and your priorities, so you can live a life with purpose.  

This exercise can be done individually or as a group within your -C-ircle.

Download your worksheet

Image by Hannah Busing


The Science Behind: Values

How neuroscience can help us to align our behaviours with our beliefs.

Read the Science Behind article now to learn more about:

  • The Role of Dopamine in the Brain's Reward System
  • How Context Shapes What We Value
  • The Contagion of Values
  • The Three Dimensions of Values


Broccoli & White Bean Salad with Peanut & Sesame Dressing8.jpeg

Broccoli, Edamame and Bean Salad 

Recipe by:

This dish is from The Doctor's Kitchen's cookbook Dr Rupy COOKS. This is a great dish full of goodness and is a sleep and happiness booster!

Broccoli contains  tryptophan and chromium, working directly with the mood regulators in the brain to support managing levels of mood-boosting neurotransmitters like serotonin, norepinephrine, and melatonin - all key to support a regular sleep cycle and stabilise mood.


Over ten weeks,  The -C- Coach will be supporting you with expert guidance based on five wellbeing pillars. Every two weeks, you can discover your free toolkit with audios, videos, resources, and exercises to help you to explore and integrate sustainable habits into your daily routine for each wellbeing pillar.

Pillar 2


Pillar 3


Pillar 4


Pillar 5


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