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Relocation and Expats Coaching

Organisations partnering with
professional coaches understand
that a successful relocation is
dependent on a healthy mindset,
business planning and family wellbeing.

Earth Projection

Innovation in meaningful human support

There is a gap and a real opportunity to innovate and normalise the provision of a Coach within Global Mobility programmes and HR’s remit for Permanent Relocation.

Investing in your biggest assets, your people, not only enhances existing Wellbeing and Mental Health policies, it also shows the organisation's understanding that this is not just a transactional process, but there's a human and wider-family impact.

Relocation and Expats Coaching Supports a Return on Your Investment

70% of assignments FAIL.*


1. Lack of consideration on partner impact.

2. Poor planning to hit the ground running.

3. Inconsistent business and wellbeing support in the process.

4. Poor career planning on return to home country.

5. Employee's disappointing experience leads to a talent drain.

* McKinsey study, 2020  (other surveys cite 40-70%) 

My Role as a
Professional Coach

As an accredited coach I'm an important professionally trained resource that sits naturally outside of HR.

Serving the personal wellbeing interests of the individual and wider family.

Driving planning, questioning, communications and guidance for successful set-up.

Acting as the 'constant' providing consistent support throughout the process.

Safeguarding confidentiality outside of GM and HR teams. 

Representing the organisation's culture, by recognising the individual's VALUE. 

Focus on mindset, wellbeing and understanding of aspirations.

If you want to set up your a successful assignment and not be another statistic,  a blended coaching and mentoring approach addresses the key reasons for assignment failure.


It's  time to start planning with the end in mind.

Supporting Professional Development and Wellbeing of Global Mobility 

Are you or your Global Mobility team in need of safe and trusted self-development and emotional support? 

I understand the growing demands and challenges that Global Mobility teams are facing. Since COVID, Global Mobility is more visible within the business and are managing more changes in Company Immigration and Global Mobility policies due to the changing scope of GM. Teams are now the point of contact across the organisation, as well as remote workers, business travellers and dealing with emotional anxieties and stress felt by employees and their families during assignment or permanent relocation. 

Individual or team coaching can bring a wealth of emotional and wellbeing support to you and your wider team in a safe and confidential space - with no bias or judgement. It's also a great way to accelerate professional growth and expand emotional self-awareness.

If you'd like to explore this further, let's talk in a free no-obligation consultation!

Thanks for exploring coaching support with me! I'll be in contact soon so we can set up a discovery consulation.

My Value as a Coach 

Career, Performance, Leadership Coaching 

Focused on setting up the relocation for success, covering considerations such as:

  • '100-Day-Plan' to hit the ground running.

  • Cultural considerations for both business and personal practices.

  • Developing business networks and relationships.

  • Developing a trusted relationship with new line management - up and down.

  • Effective and open communications to drive the right conversations.

  • Integrating into the community and establishing social connections.

Mindset and Wellbeing

Focused on the human impacts of a big transition which considers both the individual and their immediate family, specifically their spouse.

  • Addressing psychological obstacles impacting self esteem or blocking 'settling in.' 

  • Addressing fears causing anxiety or stress.

  • Proactive stress management during a big transition and a period of uncertainty.

  • Strategies to support partner's needs and family-life planning.

  • Coaching space acts as a safe outlet for sharing feelings and emotions without fear of judgement.

Let's look after your people together.

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