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Wellbeing pillar 4


You only need 5-10 minutes a day to explore this wellbeing pillar and manage your Boundaries.

This may be the hardest pillar to integrate and implement into your life: 

  • ​Do you have clarity of what your boundaries are?

  • Or how you do or might need to protect them across different areas of your life? 

  • How hard is it for you to say no?

  • Are you honest with friends. family or colleagues about how their words, behaviour, and actions impact you?

  • Would you rather avoid conflict or an uncomfortable conversation that requires YOU to communicate your needs?

  • This all being at the expense of your priorities, your values, and what's important for you... 

  • AND, you might be bottling up a lot of things you need to say, and eventually it comes out in volcano or vomit mode - in the wrong way at the wrong time and your needs are lost in communications.

You're not supposed to do this alone.

Hi I'm Mehibe, The -C- Coach, and I'll be guiding you through each wellbeing pillar with insights, easy life hacks, and extra tools. I'll also be responding to your stories!

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See the results yourself

The Boundaries Survey

The Boundaries Survey is an opportunity to assess how you're implementing boundaries in your daily life, as well as the chance to see where your results fit within the rest of the community. Take the survey now and see the results for yourself!


Boundaries Empowerment Meditation

Respect and honour your boundaries and give yourself the confidence to protect them in your daily life. This meditation provides you an opportunity to let go of a personal interaction or exchange where you were unable to manage your boundaries, and by letting go you can find peace and compassion.

Mindfulness audio:

Happy Meditator


Click on the videos below to play

Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 2

Part 3

Part 3

Learn something new:

The 'i' Statement
Effectively communicate your personal needs.

Regularly communicating boundaries not only serves your wellbeing, but all parties involved. It results in more empathy and mutual respect which are essential to maintain healthy relationships.


By starting a sentence with "I..." it allows you to:

1. Focus on yourself - immediately addressing your needs

2. Soften the response - not in attack mode- "You..."' 

3. Take away 'fault' or 'blame' from the other party - it's not about them, it comes from your values base 


Expand your self-development:


Honour your
'3 Box Boundaries'

Your boundaries are an invisible reinforcement of your values, needs, desires, behaviours, and your beliefs. But did you know there are different types of boundaries and do you have clarity of what they are in order to manage them? Here's an exercise to box up your Lifestyle Guidelines, Saying No and Personal Brand to support a healthier and happier life.

Download your worksheet

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Explainer article

The Science Behind: Gratitude

How neuroscience can provide valuable insights into implementing and managing boundaries by illuminating the underlying processes and mechanisms of human behaviour.

Beach Fench


moreish beetroot tart.jpg

Moreish Beetroot Tart

Recipe by:

This dish is from THE GUT HEALTH DOCTOR. As we approach summer, the beetroot harvest is here. This is a delicious picnic addition and great for your gut bacteria to balance our over-indulgences through the summer!

Dietary nitrates, like those found in beets, may enhance athletic performance. Nitrates appear to affect physical performance by improving the efficiency of mitochondria, which are responsible for producing energy in your cells. So if you're looking for an extra energy boost this summer - beetroot is for you!

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