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How to use your wellbeing toolkit.

With roots in Japanese Kaizen philosophy, your toolkit will help you take small steps towards achieving your goals, as you begin to feel small shifts in your outlook and mood.

Explore each wellbeing pillar in turn for 2 weeks and integrate daily habits.

Commit just 5-10 minutes a day,
& 60 minutes for the worksheet exercise.

(that's less than 1% of your day, you've got this!)

Mindfulness audios

For 5 minutes every morning, or when you need it - listen to a meditation. Build consistent to strengthen your mindset resilience and sharpen your focus. Did you know that brain regions associated with mind wandering are less active in people who are experienced mindfulness meditators? Support your practice with my meditations on spotify or apple.

Video exercises

Watch all three videos:

Part 1 - The Why: what's happening in the brain and why this wellbeing pillar is important.

Part 2 - Guidance around how to use the tool in Part 3.

Part 3 - Discover your inner coach! Learn a new life hack and apply the exercise to yourself when you need it.

Downloadable worksheets

Expand your self-development, spending about 30-60 minutes to complete the exercise.

Explainer blog articles

A one-off read to understand the science behind why this key wellbeing pillar is important for us as healthy and happy functioning humans.

Happiness-boosting recipes

A nourishing recipe by a well-respected expert in the world of nutrition, to support your brain and body functioning.

Set yourself up for success.

Did you know that statistically only 71% of you will continue after Week 2?  Don’t do this alone! Go from 30% to 64% likelihood of achieving your goal, by doing it in a group - follow my guidance here.

Set a personal goal that is clear, well defined and emotional. Connect to why this H-ROI Programme is important for you and write it down - send a signal to your brain that you have an attachment to your goal. If you’re struggling at any point - come back to your goal to reinforce it.


You need to integrate daily habits to strengthen your wellbeing practice and fully realise your happiness potential. Check out this helpful video detailing the 3 integral parts to sustain daily habits and rituals.


Imagine investing less than 1% of your day, and being 25% happier. Now, doesn't that sound like a good return on your investment?

Join a global community of happiness seekers, ready for a change.

Discover your free wellbeing toolkits.

Over ten weeks,  The -C- Coach will be supporting you with expert guidance based on five wellbeing pillars. Every two weeks you can discover your new free toolkit with audios, videos, resources, and exercises to help you to explore and integrate sustainable habits into your daily routine for each wellbeing pillar.

Pillar 1


Pillar 2


Pillar 3


Pillar 4


Pillar 5


You don't have to do this alone.

Please feel free to contact The -C- Coach directly at any time if you need further support or guidance on the Happiness ROI Programme.

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