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Introducing the final wellbeing pillar:

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Hi there, Happiness ROI Community! Welcome to Week 9 and our final pillar - Joy!

Sadl, our time together exploring wellbeing to increase our happiness is nearly at an end. For this pillar only we have one week before I wrap-up our findings and our journey together to be happier is now all in your hands.


So let’s take a look at the survey results for Joy. There is overwhelming evidence that we are a community who values joy as a priority and we see that even small things can bring us joy. However, even though we value joy and understand its importance - this is not translating into everyday life. What is missing here? Is it the inability to be present and recognise a joyful moment or feel joy in the small things? Is it the anxiety and stress that overwhelms us and so we can not experience joy in an emotional state that is unserving?

Or is our mindset, as we saw a number of weeks back, in such poor health, that it’s hard to be in a positive mindframe to be joyful, or encompass a positive outlook to seek out and grab joy at every opportunity?  Let’s explore further!

*Results are a snapshot as of 08-June-23 at 18:00 CET

1. Do you consider joy as an important part of your life?

As David Bowie would say - Let’s Dance! The majority of our community, 65.71%, view joy as a very important aspect of our lives. I’m personally rooting to change the minds of all our remaining fellows who don’t see it as very important, by this time next week. It’s insightful to see that 25.71% of our participants see a certain value or benefit in joy, but it’s not necessarily a priority. I want to share something if you haven’t figured it out already… all of the wellbeing pillars are interlinked, they’re a dependency web of happiness.


Without joy, is life worth living? Without a pleasant kick of dopamine, a rush of adrenaline, or a full slap in the face of serotonin - I ask the b/c/d participants a direct question - What is more important than this? Health? A good job? Money? But, but, but - if it’s not a joyful process or journey - what do you get out of your health, a job, money??? 

2. When was the last time you think you experienced joy?

It’s clear from the results that we need more focus and commitment to integrating joy into our daily routine, as only 22.86% of us experienced joy on the day they answered this survey. It’s concerning to see that nearly one-third of us, 31.43% can’t remember the last time we felt true joy. This is the moment I reach out to you for a big hug! It’s our responsibility to be happy, support each other, and motivate one another. Is societal pressure taking over our minds and leading us down a path of a joyless place?  


Joy is the moment you smile taking in a deep inhale of freshly brewed coffee, or that first sip of cold beer on a hot summer’s day, that rush after a workout or scoring that goal playing football, looking into your partner’s eyes and giving them a big hug. I hope these results may be a misinformation of what joy truly means - however looking at the effects of question 3, the majority of us know it includes the small things - so is the marriage of our mindset and external factors impacting our ability to feel joy? Let’s take back some control.

3. What does joy mean to you?

Hurrah to 60% of our fellow members who can notice the joy in anything - you’re spot on. Feeling joy is potentially underpinning your entire day. You could choose to anchor your day around joy, to grab spare minutes, an hour, or moments for joy. It doesn’t cost you anything but the personal reward is high. Some of us, 14.29%, feel that joy needs some planning and it’s about great experiences - I hear you! It does indeed include holidays, events, and adventures and this does require some planning. It probably will cost you a lot as well so let’s all remember that a joyful and happy life is not dependent on money.


To our fellow community members, 17.14% who do not have an emotional connection to joy - I suggest watching my videos and starting with something small every day you have an emotional connection with. Our mindset is our most significant barrier - if we do not prioritise our time for things that bring us joy, we are on course for emotional burnout. You’re most likely overworking or stuck at a crossroads in your life. 

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  • LISTEN to the visualisation: A Joyful Moment in the Sun, smiling and taking yourself away from any stress and just relaxing for 5 minutes.

  • WATCH all 3 videos and support yourself to integrate 'joy snacking' throughout your day.

  • ACT: write about an ideal day full of joy snacking- what could that look and feel like for you?

  • LEARN: Read the science behind how joy supports our self-care, happiness and an overall balanced wellbeing.

  • EAT: This week’s joy snacking theme extends here as this wee's recipe supports a joyful time with loved ones.

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With heart and integrity,


Mehibe, The -C- Coach.

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