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Mindset Coaching

A resilient mindset 
drives desired change.

To strengthen your decision-making.
Face uncertainty.
Stop questioning yourself.

Toy Brain


Judging yourself, comparing your life to others.
Stop being the person everyone else expects you to be - just be you.
Battling relentlessly with your thoughts and emotions.
Stop feeling overwhelmed losing sight of your needs - prioritise yourself.
Living life in a rush and missing the present.
Stop giving away all your energy away, leaving you depleted - reclaim your time.
Not feeling good enough in your skin.
Blocked in your self confidence - empower yourself.
Lacking assurance in your decision-making.
Fear of living life with regrets - look back and be happy.

Build unshakable confidence 
and feel FREEDOM.

1.  Your growth and self development as a human, exploring your mindset and barriers, building mindset strength and resilience for all challenges in life.


2.  Moving you forward on a practical basis that's results-oriented in how you want to behave, feel and be you.

3. Giving yourself permission to make mistakes and embracing failure so you can learn and grow through the norms and challenges of everyday life.

Turn your fears into opportunities.

What does that mean? 

Accepting that this is your present but it does not mean it's your future. Only YOU can take control and make strong decisions that put you on the right path - personal or in your career.  Together, we will face your fears and anxieties, turning them into opportunities to learn and gifts to change for the better.  You will create positive changes which means you can live your life in a way that's fulfiling, meaningful, joyful and HAPPY.

Don't hold back. Motivate forward!

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Is your mindset holding you back?

Lead your life in the path you want.


Break free of the modes holding you back.

I've identified the 7 modes of Burning Change
- which one(s) are you in??

1. Pleaser
Putting other people's needs and desires before my own; giving away my energy and feeling under appreciated.

2. Paralysis
Feeling stuck and unable to take a next move; knowing what I need to do but unsure how or why I can't move forward.

3. Procrastination
Doing a lot of anything to distract myself from facing the reality of what is actually the thing I need to do. Or is it?

4. Avoidance
Do I need to face this or anyone right now? Hiding away from my friends and family; retreating introspectively.

5. Victim
I don't know why I'm here. I need something or someone to right the wrong I'm in.

6. Denial
Is there a problem? Everything in my life is absolutely fine... honestly, I'm OK, everyone else is OK. Really.

7. Inner-volcano...
I don't know why, but I feel like I've got a volcano of emotions rumbling inside me and it erupts out of nowhere.


Meet Dave.

He is a 40 year old Customer Success Director,
taking a life sabbatical.

What is the main reason for seeking coaching?

Self Development.
Making Key Decisions to Catalyse Changes in my Life.

What is the key change you've implemented?

I have renewed confidence and perspective.

What is your main personal development point?

I'm doing all the work to give myself credit and compassion.

I had a powerful experience working with Mehibe as my personal coach. I began the journey with her with no clear roadmap or goal, just a general sense of insecurity and uncertainty regarding my career. The subsequent months were a journey through many emotions and perspectives that really gave me a sense of clarity, purpose and freedom.

I entered thinking I would feel better and more confident in my current job at the time. In the end, and with the help of Mehibe’s powerful questioning, I was able to identify the underlying root of where these feelings and thoughts originated.

It was extremely powerful for me and gave me the tools and confidence to make a massive change in my life. I now am able to see my past experiences and thoughts in a different light, and feel so much more certain that I can weather the challenges life throws at me. Thank you Mehibe!

What does a resilient mindset feel like? 

Let's make it happen with your action plan.
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