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Discover my Leadership Programme, IMPACT

Focused on powering-up on
essential skills.
Embodying courage to face the unknown.
Building confidence in capabilities. Communicating with impact.
Maintaining a resilient mindset.
Embrace failures.
Continuing to learn and grow.


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Leadership Coaching

What does your legacy say about your leadership?

Be seen to truly lead with confidence in your style.

Leadership is about:

1.  Empowerment: giving yourself permission to feel assurance in your decision-making and move forward based on experience and desired outcomes.


2.  Behaviour: be seen as a role-model leader, comfortable in your leadership style, communicating effectively, coaching your team and stepping into uncomfortable situations with confidence.

3.  Being genuine: represent who you are, as well as protecting the greater good and purpose; aligning your behaviour to your values to inspire others.

Build a resilient mindset to manage uncertainty.

1.  STRENGTH: We can make daily decisions within a context of a lot of change -  leaders have to deal with higher levels of uncertainty and higher occurrences of feeling uncomfortable. Leaders need to feel confident navigating through the change without being held back by doubts creeping in.

2. POSITIVE:  Accepting the reality of the present and recognising opportunities as opposed to failures. Only through failure can a true leader learn and grow, not just for their personal development, but for the wider organisation.

3. BALANCED: Maintaining emotional stability -  balance, calm, and rational. A leader can anchor in a storm and inspire others to stay focused. 

Take your seat at the table.
You do deserve it.

Lead with unshakable confidence!

Join Mehibe in the exclusive
Leadership Programme


My Leadership Programme, IMPACT, is now LIVE for individuals and on demand for organisations.

IMPACT Leadership Programme

Workshop 1



  • Discover different leadership styles

  • What are the values and behaviour of a leader?

  • Develop a leadership mindset

Workshop 4

Managing a

Performing Team

  • Understand good line management behaviours look like

  • Discover ways to manage a high performing team

  • Learn strategies to implement more efficient ways of working

Workshop 2

Time Management + Prioritisation

  • Develop sustainable habits to manage time

  • Learn how to hack your personal energy levels

  • Develop prioritisation and delegation skills

Workshop 5

Conflict Management 

Balancing Shapes
  • Including how to manage effectively upwards and across the business

  • How to use negotiations effectively for your desired outcome

  • Learn how to deal with discomfort

Workshop 3

Effective Communications

  • Understand importance of boundary setting

  • Learn to say no

  • Discover how to use the 90% 'unspoken' communications 

Workshop 6



  • Discover what resilience meas

  • Understand how to deal with uncertainty 

  • Discover key strategies to maintain resilience

  • Learn stress management tools.

Crush limiting beliefs.
Become a real leader.

Book a free
30-minute consultation 

We can explore IMPACT together if:

  1. You are enrolling for your personal professional development and paying for your space, or, your company is sponsoring you.

  2. You are the Head of Global Mobility or Immigration and would like to enrol your team or a team member onto the programme alongside external peers.

  3. You would like to enrol all your team via an in-house dedicated Circle. 

Please book in a free Discovery Call if you'd like to explore this further.

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