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Invest in space, energy and kindness for your growth.


Define your skin, your values, your desires, and your uniqueness.


Befriend your mindset by doing deep thoughtwork.


Re-learn living your way through daily practice.


Feel your joy, progress, and achievements along the journey. 


Grounded in strong roots to deal with life's challenges = freedom.

Mehibe has this magic juju that means from day one you feel totally at ease sharing. She really made me feel seen and heard. She's so sunny she makes planning big life changes feel like planning a holiday.

Chloe, 29

Creative Director + Business Owner

Mehibe is very easy to talk to, being positive, empathetic, and non-judgemental.
She also has a great sense of when to push a bit further to challenge preconceived ideas and assumptions. 

Michael, 31 


"The summary following the session is so powerful.
It not only provides another opportunity for reflection, but reading my quotes and looking at myself as an outsider is so impactful.
It has helped me create more empathy for myself.
Mehibe is doing an incredible job."

Ben, 36,

Senior Manager

What is the cost of staying as you are?

Can you afford to lose more time?

Why choose me as your Coach?

I am your mirror.

You're confident, resilient and unique.


Before becoming a coach, I was the youngest Director globally and the youngest female member of a Leadership team managing 120 people in London.


My 15 year career in the corporate world includes working in management consultancy, project management and working in a large FTSE 100 company.

I've worked closely with Global Mobility and HR teams in a project management capacity as well as the EMEA Director of Client Services in a global corporate immigration firm.

I’ve recruited people, built and managed teams, managed complex projects, been the face of the company brand, presenting at conferences or hosting panels;

I’ve managed conflict at work and fought hard for my own needs as well as my team's.


I've been courageous when I needed to be. I’ve been a wife and a divorcee, I’ve been depressed, moved homes and cities, moved country mid-Pandemic on my own, and left a thriving career for my mission in coaching. Today, I stand confident and resilient in my skin.



I work with committed and open humans, bringing my empathy, kindness and passion for change to support their desired results.

My mission is to support all humans. So right now, I support clients with mental health challenges like ADHD, bi-polar, mood swings, mild depression, anger management as well as physical challenges like MS and chronic pain... and Men, Women, C-level, Directors, Senior + Middle Management, Business Owners,  Ambitious People, Young Bright Things, He/ She/They.

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Mehibe - The C Coach-57.jpg
If you'd like to know more about me, read my personal story.

Take back control.

Don't lose anymore time.
Your journey
starts here.
I work with my clients in two ways:
1. Shorter term over 4 months
2. Longer term over 9 months.

Contact me to discuss your needs and we can see what feels right for you.


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