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Meet your Coach

My 15-year corporate career includes high pressured working environments in management consultancy and project management in HR and Global Mobility.


Before becoming a Coach, I was the EMEA Director of Client Services at a large global corporate immigration firm. In this capacity, I was also a member of the UK Leadership team overseeing 120 people in the London office.

I have worked closely with Global Mobility and Corporate Immigration professionals in different ways:

  1. As a Project Manager leading an extensive, complex HR and Global Mobility compliance programme, I was also the client to immigration suppliers. Working closely with Global Mobility, I experienced first hand the challenges faced by Global Mobility; the obstacles to yield more influence and have impact; to be seen as an autonomous decision-maker; and the importance of inclusivity working toward a common business goal.

  2. Heading up Client Services in Corporate Immigration allowed me to truly build a partnership between Global Mobility and Immigration understanding their drivers, their desires and their heart-beat. I know first-hand talking and listening to professionals in this space that leadership skills is a priority for efficiency in self-led work, managing teams more effectively, communicating with impact, whilst also accelerating professional ambitions.

  3. Now, as a Coach to Global Mobility and Corporate Immigration professionals, I have compassion and empathy for people who want to develop more confidence and higher self-worth, effective communication skills - building courage to face uncertainty as the demands within the global mobility landscape. I partner with my clients every step of their journey to becoming a more empowered, confident professional with impact; as well as supporting teams to step into their leadership capabilities; and supporting them to improve the assignee experience.


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"I truly partner with my Global Mobility clients understanding their drivers, their desires and their heart-beat."

If you'd like to know more about me, read my personal story.

1-2-1 Coaching with Mehibe

This is your time now to focus on you. Coaching is an incredibly rewarding and fulfillling journey allowing you to prioritise yourself and what's important to you - your needs, wants and desires. Your desire for coaching comes from a driver to want to be the best version of yourself. 


By taking control of your change, you're accelerating your self-awareness, learning and growth. Whether your original focus is on your work or personal life; you'll notice the difference and a shift in both your relationship with self, positively impacting your personal life, as well as a greater motivation and stronger mindset at work to deal with daily obstacles and propelling you closer to achieving your self-development and career goals.

I support  professionals, just like you, to be courageous, gain more confidence to step into uncertainty in the landscape of widening demands. By doing so, small courageous steps outside of your comfort zone will ultimately build your self-confidence. More skills are now required by a GM professional - like onboarding the business through large-scale changes in policy, running small collaborative projects across the business and even educating on the role of Global Mobility due to its growing scope.  Whether you're a new manager learning the demands of line-managing people, or working on your soft skills including communication and relationship management - it all starts with you. Your mindset is the key to unlocking your potential. 


Let's unlock it together. 

As your coaching partner, I will accelerate the development

of your leadership skills to support your wider ambitions!

"The scope and demands on professionals is growing. It's time to provide a dedicated coaching space to empower Global Mobility and Immigration teams to manage uncertainty with confidence."   

Mehibe, The -C- Coach

empowering Global Mobility + Immigration Professionals

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Join Mehibe in the exclusive
Leadership Programme
Workshops + 1-2-1 Coaching

My Leadership Programme, IMPACT, is now LIVE: running on demand for organisations.

Click to play the video and learn more about how IMPACT improves your management skills and builds your confidence  to empower you in your role as a Global Mobility and Immigration professional.

leadership programme

for Global Mobility and

Immigration professionals.

Discover more about how I partner
with professionals in my 
1-2-1 coaching space.

IMPACT Leadership Programme

Workshop 1


  • Discover what leadership truly means and different leadership styles

  • What are the values and behaviour of a leader?

  • Develop a leadership mindset 

Workshop 4

Managing a Team

  • Understand what effective line management behaviours look like

  • Discover ways to manage a high performing team

  • Learn strategies to implement more efficient ways of working

Workshop 2

Time Management + Prioritisation

  • Develop sustainable habits to manage time

  • Learn how to hack your personal energy levels

  • Develop prioritisation and delegation skills

Workshop 5

Conflict Management 

Balancing Shapes
  • Including how to manage effectively upwards and across the business

  • How to use negotiations effectively for your desired outcome

  • Learn how to deal with discomfort

Workshop 3

Effective Communications

  • Understand importance of boundary setting

  • Learn to say no

  • Discover how to use the 90% 'unspoken' communications 

Workshop 6



  • Discover what resilience meas

  • Understand how to deal with uncertainty 

  • Discover key strategies to maintain resilience

  • Learn stress management tools.



  1. 30-minute Alignment meeting with Mehibe to understand your professional development goal.

  2. 5-minute pre-survey to understand your expectations and style of learning.

  3. Optional meet-and-greet for 15 minutes with your peers prior to kick-off.

  4. Workshop topic-related worksheets/ exercises and resources developed by Mehibe.

  5. 30-minute Development meeting with Mehibe, providing guidance on your next steps to achieve your ambitions.


  • 1-2-1 coaching with Mehibe to support your growth in a dedicated, safe and confidential space (3 or 6 sessions).

  • As a Leadership and Mindset coach this is your opportunity to explore any obstacles, fears or limiting beliefs holding you back.

  • E.g. feeling a lack of self-confidence / self-worth; experiencing imposter syndrome or a negative mindset; struggling to manage your emotions and its impacts; unable to maintain self-care or a worklife balance; struggling to communicate and line-manage. or understand your values and work brand.

If you'd like to talk about your professional journey

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