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Hi there, I'm Mehibe

I am really pleased you're reading this... because it means that you're at a point where you want to pivot in your life, and you need to prioritise yourself. Something needs to shift and you're wondering whether I can really support you to make it happen.

My friends and family were shouting at me- "do an About Me page! - tell people your story!" - when I was really hesitant to share more about me, because ultimately this journey is all about YOU! 

My friends would say I've been through 'it'... those highs and lows, the big transitions in both my personal life and work, and I guess I'd describe myself as a fighter! Life is really fast. Having time and enjoying the present moment feels like a gift these days, as we are constantly delivered overwhelming waves in our everyday lives. Living in an unhappy mind-frame or struggling alone just isn't fun, and it doesn't need to be that way. 

If you'd like to hear my personal story, grab a cup of tea or coffee and please read on....!

With heart and integrity,


My Mission 

I became a Coach in 2021 after realising that it is possible to do something I REALLY love doing and it's something that comes naturally to me. I discovered my purpose and fulfilment in work and at the same time it contributes to the wider community, helping people become a resilient and better version of themselves. 

My mission now is to pay-forward; creating a coaching mindset one person at a time who can support themselves first; and then support their wider friends, families and communities. Coaching to me means more than just supporting humans 1-2-1...

I have launched The Happiness ROI Programme - my first wellbeing programme where I have identified 5 key wellbeing pillars that are overlooked but easily support you to improve your mood, a positive mindset, better sleep and focus you to be present and enjoy your life as it is and is proven in brain science to improve your happiness levels by as much as 25%.


My vision is to cultivate a community of people who are passionate about their self-development, self-care and want to live meaningful and happy lives. I believe it's important that everyone can ultimately be their own coach and that's why you have a toolkit through The Happiness ROI Programme to discover your inner coach. If we can make even a small shift into a coaching mindset then it can help develop greater self-kindness and empathy; promote positive self-esteem and self-belief; feel compassion for others and lead to a more kind and supportive society with less focus on judgement and comparison.

Part of my mission is to support people who have been suffering too long on their own: people with additional mental health challenges like ADHD, bi-polar, mood swings and mild depression; or, people dealing with physical challenges like MS or chronic pain. We all experience mental health challenges at some point in our own lives, or need to support a loved one. Let's do this together and I'll nourish your inner coach to support yourself and people you care about around you.


Becoming a Coach focused on supporting individuals and the wider community  has felt like a natural step for me and this is the continuation of my story...

My Personal Story

My outlook on life, is, I just want to be happy.

I am a big fan of change. It's not to say it’s easy, because those peaks during transitions have been the toughest times of my life; and yet it’s also been the best thing I've ever done for my own happiness. I’ve always followed that gut feeling in my stomach and certainly gone against the rational part in my brain - telling me, don't do it! It's safer here! BUT, I have always tried to make decisions that worked for me.


I truly believe that my life and work experience has built lasting empathy, understanding and connection to others and it's my mission to see people for their true selves and support them to be happy and look back, like me, and think - Yeh, that was hard, but it's been worth it.

I don't believe in living life with regrets. I'm the kind of person who would rather go for it, take the leap and see what happens! - as long as I have felt confident that the decision is good for me - irrespective of the outcome -  I've trusted myself in the process.

The younger 'I want freedom!' me.

Looking back, I have - 100% - put myself into that uncomfortable place of the unknown and uncertainty throughout my entire life. I am first generation born in London, coming from a traditional Turkish family and I grew up in a conservative household where boys definitely get (or used to get) more freedom than the girls. So my brother partied a lot, and I studied harder to use my education as my freedom tool. Fighting for my independence every step of the way - being the first female in my family to live on university campus, being the first female to marry out of the Turkish tradition and wed an Englishman instead, and then to top it off I also get divorced! This was by far the toughest decision I have ever made, knowing the detrimental impact on my lovely ex-husband, my parents, and reverberations in my wider Turkish family.

Even as a younger version of myself I defied the needs of my family and the pressures of expectations, when I decided not to become a lawyer after four years studying Law and spending the previous ten years telling everyone I would, most definitely, be a lawyer. Throughout my personal journey, I knew I had to practice courage because I felt stuck and ultimately unhappy.

My Career

At the beginning of my work life, I felt pretty lucky to start my career in an award-winning management consultancy. I joined this male-dominated world as the youngest person in the firm, and well, if I summarised it as completely out of my comfort zone - that wouldn't quite cover it! The scariest, most anxious, physically and mentally demanding work I've ever experienced. 


After four years living out of a suitcase and incredible career growth, I'd had my lion's share of this side of masculine corporate and decided to slow things down, moving into project management, and at times working as self-employed.


This led me all the way to my last role as the Director of Client Services in a global corporate immigration firm. I was definitely not an expert (!) in this world when I joined the organisation, other than having experience leading compliance related Global Mobility and HR projects. 


After being with the company for just a couple of months in a Senior Management position I was approached by my boss to interview for a promotion to Director level, heading up a function that didn’t exist in the region I worked in – me?! I was the youngest female Director in our global operations, and I had to recruit, train and build a high-performing happy team in a matter of months. It’s my proud legacy I left behind after two years working in a role I loved.

I left the company mid-Pandemic after deciding to move to Spain following a 2-week holiday in Barcelona! This happened just before the UK's Brexit deadline in 2020, so the pressure was on to make a decision - fast. I didn't have the choice to continue my role in Spain; but I also knew that I could not leave this joy I had found. Giving up a new life in Barcelona meant continuing a lonely and personally unfulfilling life in an apartment in London on my own again. So, I chose a fresh start in Barcelona, taking a six-month joy-sabbatical following my strong gut feeling once again- this is the right thing to do for me. I found love sooner than expected after meeting my partner during my sabbatical. Feeling peace and happiness, I established a lovely network of friends, I set up my coaching business creating strong partnerships with people and organisations locally and ultimately I've found my purpose in life... as well as finding myself smiling and laughing so much more than I used to!

I would love to support you where it matters most.

Live your life aligned to your purpose.
Or, find out more about how I will support you in your journey.
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