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Business Coaching

Blended Coaching + Mentoring 

Coaching gives you dedicated space
to focus on your business goals, build a resilient mindset to deal with uncertainty, proactively manage your 
personal + business priorities eliminating obstacles, so you and your business thrives.

Feel confidence in your work skin + balance in your personal life.

As a business owner, you need:

1.  A foundation based on mindset strength, inner peace and clarity building physical and mental resilience for anything that challenges your business or personal needs.


2.  Putting in boundaries to protect your two spheres of life so you can be the leader at work and relax into your unique self with friends, family and loved ones at home or at play.

3.  Continuously reconnecting to yourself and tuning into your needs to maintain or restore balance, prioritising your energy in order to drive the business forward.

4.  Empowering your team by delegating and sharing responsibility to drive your brand and vision, without fear of loss of control.

5.  Strong leadership by being true to your style; role-modelling behaviour that align to your human + business values; inspiring others to grow and develop within themselves and the business.

Success of your business
starts + ends with you as a person.

Take care of your needs.

Start living the lifestyle you want.

Feel the rewards in you and your business.

Book a free 45-minute consultation with me 
- no obligations.

Blended Support
Coaching + mentoring 

As your Business Coach
I bring these lenses:

A trained professional Coach supporting rounded self-development to you as a business owner, and a human with emotions + needs.

Conscious Business coaching style which means direct and challenging sessions. With kindness, no bullsh*t.

Experience as a leader in the corporate world in a highly stressful and pressured work environment.

Experience recruiting, building and managing high performing teams across timezones and cultures. 

An ambitious woman, working in male-dominated workplaces for 15 years, building layers of armour that is my work skin.

A business owner who understands the daily challenges to feed the baby, i.e. my work mission, and nourish my own needs + desires.

A human who has succeeded + failed and still standing resilient - a kind person, a loving partner, a compassionate friend, a human octopus with multiple arms spinning different work + personal plates...

Reclaim your energy and feel empowered!

Book a free 45-minute consultation with me  - no obligations.

Meet Chloe.

She is a 30 year old Founder + Creative Director, living in Barcelona.

What is the main reason for seeking coaching?

Gain confidence in myself.
Gain confidence at work.
Self Development.
Make decisions to catalyse changes in my life.

What is the key change you've implemented?

Being kinder to myself, and being happy just being me .

What is your main personal development point?

I learnt how to think through my emotions in a healthy way and overcome some of the things that were blocking me from moving forward.

Mehibe has this magic juju that means from day one you feel totally relaxed at ease sharing, which for me has always been difficult.

She really made me feel seen and heard, and helped me to open up in a moment when I felt I was isolating myself.

Mehibe really helped me to take a step back and think through some of the problems I was facing in a realistic and healthy way, helping me to take huge steps towards solving them. The great part was that the methods used can be applied to lots of situations, and I felt like I grew as a person rather than just "putting out fires".
Mehibe is so easy to talk to, I never felt embarrassed or like there was something I couldn't bring up, and she was so accommodating with everything.

Her attentiveness and understanding almost makes you excited to share things and figure out the decisions you can make to end up where you want to be. She's so sunny that she makes planning big life changes feel like planning a holiday. 

Support yourself twice over -
when you thrive as a human,
so does your business.  


Book a free 45-minute consultation with me  - no obligations.
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