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Exploring Values
with The -C- Coach.

Hi there!


It’s been incredible to see so many people signing up for The Happiness ROI Programme! We are clearly a community of people passionate about expanding our self-awareness and happiness is important to us. Now, that makes me happy! 

Below, I’m sharing one of your stories, with permission here from Cesar. Thank you Cesar for being so open and sharing what you would like to change in your life. I hope my guidance supports you and our wider community, facing similar challenges.


The -C- Coach

Dear The -C- Coach...

Hi Mehibe, I'd like to change the fact that I wake up every day without any passion for my work and I don’t feel any excitement about my career path. I’m a software engineer and although I am good at what I do, and it makes me a lot of money, all I really want to do is work in design, maybe interior design, maybe creative agency-type work,


I’m not sure. I know I need to change my job because most days I feel like I’m doing this because my parents wanted me to do something professional and I was always amazing at Maths. Now I feel like I’m fulfilling their dreams and not my own. It’s also a cool profession amongst my friends and they’re all working too - and can I really go back and start studying again?


I feel a bit empty and stuck about what I should do. I know that if I don't change this right now, being 35, then it's going to be too late. I think to myself, is it crazy to make such a big life change so late on in my career?


From Cesar, 35, Software Engineer.

Now, it’s time to set you up for success.

  1. Did you know that statistically only 71% of you will continue after Week 2?  Don’t do this alone! Go from 30% to 64% likelihood of achieving your goal, by doing it in a group - follow my guidance here.

  2. Set a personal goal that is clear, well defined and emotional. Connect to why this H-ROI Programme is important for you and write it down - send a signal to your brain that you have an attachment to your goal. If you’re struggling at any point - come back to your goal to reinforce it

  3. You need to integrate daily habits to strengthen your wellbeing practice and fully realise your happiness potential. Check out this helpful video detailing the 3 integral parts to sustain daily habits and rituals.

Dear Cesar...

Cesar, I really hear you when you say you don’t feel any excitement about your career. How could you, when you admit you’re doing this for other people around you - your friends and your parents?


The feeling of fulfilment in our work comes from having a purpose. Our purpose is the legacy we leave behind, it’s what we are known for in our lifetime, and it’s what we are proud of. It motivates us and if we fulfil our purpose, ultimately we are happy.


It’s very obvious that you are a skilled and emotionally aware person, with an understanding of your personal strengths, which is important because this is part of your personal brand. Your personal brand is the foundation for values you will need to live by to get you through the change: the courage to make small changes and confidence that you can do this. You need to believe you can do this.


Retraining, skilling up - that’s the easy part - even at 35! I see you Cesar! I was 34 when I left my old job as a Director of Client Services in a global firm to become a Coach - it’s possible at any age, and you can do it because you have a proven track record of being an achiever!


The toughest part of change is having the strong self-belief and self-confidence that you can get through it and you will succeed, because it’s not going to be easy. At times your brain is going to sabotage you by bringing up negative thoughts to reel you back into safety - the place you’re in now, the comfort zone. 


It’s time to push yourself out of your comfort zone by asking yourself - is this really where you want to be in 10 or 20 years' time? Ask yourself these questions to see if you really want to stay where you are or motivate yourself forward, be courageous, and start exploring what’s important for you in your career:


  1. If you were on your deathbed and you hadn’t made any changes and you still felt what you feel, what advice would you give yourself?

  2. Think about someone who you admire - could be someone close to you, or someone famous - what advice would they give you? Or even - go and talk to them Cesar!

  3. Write down all the evidence to support moments in your life when you’ve been courageous  - how could you use some of that courage to support you now?

  4. Write down all your fears of making the change - are they bigger than the fear of staying feeling empty and stuck?

  5. Reflecting on your legacy, what do you want it to say on your gravestone?

Thanks for sharing your story with us Cesar. Remember that you – and anyone else that would like some support – can contact me directly at any time.



The -C- Coach.

Thanks again to Cesar for sharing his story. As a thank you and to support this kick off in change, I’ll be providing Cesar with a free one-hour coaching session. Share your story with us and if you feature, you’ll also have the opportunity for a one-hour coaching session with me.

With heart and integrity,


The -C- Coach.

The last word.

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