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Wellbeing pillar 3


You only need 5-10 minutes a day to explore this wellbeing pillar, Gratitude.

That's less than one 1% of your day that directly increases happiness levels by 25% and be a better version of you with:

  • more energy

  • more motivation to exercise

  • a boost in your optimistic outlook

  • better sleep

  • more focus for you 

  • and, time to support others.

You're not supposed to do this alone.

Hi I'm Mehibe, The -C- Coach, and I'll be guiding you through each wellbeing pillar with insights, easy life hacks, and extra tools. I'll also be responding to your stories!

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Your toolkit



Gain insight of yourself with wellbeing surveys.




Take action with downloadable worksheets.




Support your brain with mindfulness audios.




Read the science behind why it's important for you.




Learn easy life hacks with quick video exercises.




Discover recipes to aid brain health and body function.

How to use your toolkit.

Learn more about how to use your toolkit and get the most out of the Happiness ROI Programme, with guidance from The -C- Coach.

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See the results yourself

The Gratitude Survey

The Gratitude Survey is an opportunity to assess where you´re currently at with this wellbeing pillar, as well as the chance to see where your results fit within the rest of the community. Take the survey now and see the results for yourself!


Uplifting Gratitude Visualisation Meditation

Being grateful and thankful makes us happier by improving our overall psychological health. A single act of thoughtful gratitude immediately lifts your feelings of happiness by 10% and reduces depressive symptoms by 35%.

Mindfulness audio:


Click on the videos below to play

Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 2

Part 3

Part 3

Learn something new:

Daily Habit of Gratitude Practice
saving into your'Gratitude Bank'

Gratitude practice is an expression of thankfulness, which can be shaped differently across different areas of your life.


The heart-centre of happiness is: treat practicing gratitude like brushing your teeth - it must be done daily to feel the real benefits.


Expand your self-development:


Build Your
Gratitude Bank

You’ll notice how gratitude practice influences your behaviour, your actions and the decisions you make. There’s a positive impact on how you feel and think about yourself – which means that that long term gratitude practice can boost your self-esteem, self-confidence and relationship with self.

Download your worksheet

As a human being, you subconsciously commit to actions, behaviours, beliefs, and opinions


Explainer article

The Science Behind: Gratitude

How neuroscience can help us to understand why consistent daily gratitude practice postively impacts our psychological wellbeing and mental health. 



Tofu & Chickpea Korma Curry
to support heart health.

Recipe by: 

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This overall body boosting vegan curry from deliciously ella is packed with fibre, nutrients and antioxidants with anti-inflammatory benefits.


Rich in isoflavones, people eating at least one serving of tofu a week have an 18% lower risk of heart disease.  Chickpeas' superpower, choline, plays an important role in supporting brain function and mental health.

Discover your free wellbeing toolkits.

Over ten weeks,  The -C- Coach will be supporting you with expert guidance based on five wellbeing pillars. Every two weeks you can discover your new free toolkit with audios, videos, resources, and exercises to help you to explore and integrate sustainable habits into your daily routine for each wellbeing pillar.

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Imagine investing less than 1% of your day, and being 25% happier. Now, doesn't that sound like a good return on your investment?

Join a global community of happiness seekers, ready for a change.

You don't have to do this alone.

Please feel free to contact The -C- Coach directly at any time if you need further support or guidance on the Happiness ROI Programme.

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