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Discover the Happiness ROI Programme now.

Invest 1% of your time and increase your happiness levels by up to 25%.

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Take back control.
Empower yourself to lead.
Crush limiting beliefs.
Give the middle finger to
sabotaging self-talk.
Stand strong for what you want.
Stop beating yourself up.


Is your heart


for change?

Is your mindset


for the right team?

Is your body




Discover your purpose and fulfilment.
Own your style and be free to be you.
Charge up with self-kindness.
Reclaim your energy.
Restore balance and peace.
Build unshakable confidence.

You're not alone in this.

I'll be guiding you every step of the way.
Life Coach Mehibe | The -C- Coach

You're here.
You've planted the first c-eeds!

As an ICF ACC professionally accredited Coach, I support people like you who need a guilt-freenon-judgemental, curious and kind space to focus on you.

Hi I'm Mehibe,

My main services include life coaching and career coaching as well as specialised focus on mindset coaching and wellbeing coaching. I'm here to support you in this journey together.

Define your needs, values and wants- what's the desired change?
Explore what this means for you - why is this change so important?
Use cognitive practices and thought work to re-frame thought patterns to serve you - do you want a strong mindset?
Practical tools, techniques and strategies - do you want resilience to support you in life challenges?
Be present and enjoy your journey with kindness, laughter and joy! - do you want to grow with self-kindness and confidence?
What changes could you make if you had a strong and resilient mindset?
Life Coaching Services Online
Life, business, leadership and executive coaching.
" Working with Mehibe is amazing.
I always feel supported
and empowered.

Erika, 31

Business Owner

Freedom client

"I had an extremely powerful experience working with Mehibe.
It gave me the tools and confidence to make a massive change in my life."

Dave, 40, 

Customer Success Director

Freedom VIP client

"I feel relieved
I’m not alone anymore.
This is great for
my self-development."

Andrea, 34

Business Owner

Freedom VIP client

Let's do this together.

Do the most important thing for you today.


Judging yourself, comparing your life to others.
Stop being the person everyone else expects you to be - just be you.
Battling relentlessly with your thoughts and emotions.
Stop feeling overwhelmed losing sight of your needs - prioritise yourself.
Living life in a rush and missing the present.
Stop giving away all your energy away, leaving you depleted - reclaim your time.
Not feeling good enough in your skin.
Blocked in your self confidence - empower yourself.
Lacking conviction in your decision-making.
Fear of living life with regrets - look back and be happy.

Is this resonating with you?
I'll support you every step of the way.

Online Life Coaching Services

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